American Airlines
Gas Model Club

Model Airplane Club Founded in 1938

Location & Contact

Flying Field Location
The AAGMC Flying Field at 8100 Rodgers Rd, Lodi, Ohio.  Our field is co-located at the MCR Airport (Private Airstrip) on the South side of Rodgers Rd. between US-42 to the east and Vandemark Rd to the west.  You can also find it on GOOGLE MAPS

Please drive slow and make sure the ground is dry enough not to get stuck.


Driving Directions

  1. From the North take I-71 South to  exit 209 (US-224)
  2. Take US-224 West 5.2 miles and use the right lane to exit to US-42
  3.  Turn Right (North) onto US-42
  4. Go North on  1.5 mi. and turn left onto Rodgers Rd
  5. Destination will on the left 1/2 mile down.



















Contact Info

Ken Stroud President


Don King
440 666-6597


Marvin King
330 723-0085


Art Ritchie
Vice President