American Airlines
Gas Model Club

Model Airplane Club Founded in 1938

Club History

The American Airlines Gas Model Club is one of the oldest flying clubs around. It was formed in 1938 and is still very active today with 4 active flying sites here in North East Ohio. One for electric power and sailplanes (Google: AAGMC Lodi) on Rodgers Rd. Lodi, OH and 3 more slope soaring sites who's use is totally dependent on wind direction, speed and other conditions.


Our Lodi field is situated on a real private airstrip (MCR Airport) which is 2600' long.  We keep about 400' of the runway at mid point well rolled and cut very short.  Full scale airplanes are welcome to visit.  You can call Art Ritchie at 440-570-2835 for more information, field conditions and procedures.  When modelers are present we recomend flying a couple of 360s south of the runway to give everyone time to land and get out of the way.  We have a mowed parking area just east of the pits by the windsock.