American Airlines
Gas Model Club

Model Airplane Club Founded in 1938

 Here is a 360 Sperical shot peek of the new AAMGC flying field from the 2019 flying season.
This shot was taken just before the finishing touches were completed on  May 15th 2019.

Interactive Full Size 360

Photo Gallery 2021


 AAGMC Mobile Club House.

Marv's upper level pole pass!



Photo Gallery 2020


 Jeff's awsome shot of Art's C-130.

Our new member Ryan's T-45.

Saturday Night indoor Combat!

A little Paraplane ation!


Photo Gallery 2019


New Field on Rodgers Rd

Uncle Marv giving the new field a quick test.

I think this is starting to wear
Don out just a wee bit!
A slightly worn out Don King!
May 22nd 2019, Don & Art have the culvert at the entrance to the new field in place and about half way done.  We're about one more day away from having access to our new field!

Some Summer FUN!

1928 Petenpole visit.


Winter 2018-19, Indoor Fun!



Old Field off of SR83

AAGMC Flying field aerial. AAGMC Patch